A Digital Marketing firm

Everyone in the Tech industry wants to be the latest, the newest, the one who is ‘it’. theoldcompany is a digital marketing firm that did exactly the opposite. We decided to call ourselves ‘old’ not just because we wanted to be different. We believe deeply in learning from what works. The prestiged; the classics! We learn from the old and embrace the new. We’ll never go out of style.


THEOLDCOMPANY delivers more than just visually appealing websites.

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Our websites have ergonomic user interface, purposeful functions, and is responsive across devices.


We calibrate meta tags and page title tags to ensure optimal site discoverability. We ensure every minor detail of the website, even the unseen yet ever important, is set proper.


Becoming the leading authority of your industry.

Online behavior for the past decade has been characterized largely by activities on social networking sites (SNS). The social media platforms, where people actively offer personal information and pursue their interest, is definitely a powerful place to implement your brand presence.


Become the leading authority of your industry and spark tending topics through THEOLDCOMPANY’s team of social media experts.

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Your key message is expressed clearly in a way that speaks to the heart.

Graphic Design is THEOLDCOMPANY’s forte. With a cumulative experience of more than 10 years in the industry, we know exactly how to design eye catching artwork compatible with industry standards for printing, web usage or mass distributing purposes.


Our marketing savvy designers have your target audience as priority.

Graphic Design


Get found organically.

We make your website Google SEO-friendly with quality content and pleasurable user experience at the top of our minds. We keep your business respected through proper and legitimate white hat Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques within google’s SEO guidelines.


THEOLDCOMPANY will arrange your website in a way that is easily accessible and legible to google bots, improving your site ranking organically over time.


Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising on google adwords supplements your Search Engine Marketing (SEM) efforts in an affordable and highly customizable way.

PPC advertising brings in extra leads from the increasingly tech literate population. Teamed with Google’s designated personnel, our Google adwords certified professionals will take your digital marketing stack ahead of its track.


Send targeted letters with dedicated messages to people that are important to you.

THEOLDCOMPANY will help you design beautiful and neat E-mails that people will actually want to look at. Sync your emails with your services and lead buyers back to you.


What’s more, our E-mails are responsive on computer screen as well as mobile devices, sending the message across no fuss no fury.


“The whole team followed through right from the start, providing excellent services in between (even small requests) in all aspects, exceeding expectation, even a great post project support.”


one of theoldcompany’s satisfied customers, Alvin Ewe (Business Owner, Fancy Delight Pte Ltd)