Being in such a competitive industry where everyone else fights to be the coolest in the market, theoldcompany did exactly the opposite – BEING “OLD”. The reason? It’s not to be different just for different’s sake.  We learned from the old and embracing the new.



For THEOLDCOMPANY, website design is not merely designing a visually appealing website. We take into consideration its functionality, compatibility (responsive), and discoverability (for SEO purposes). THEOLDCOMPANY team makes sure every detail of the website is taken care of, including those that is not visible but play an important part, such as meta-tag and page-title-tag.


THEOLDCOMPANY is the “white hat” in the industry that practices ethical SEO. We do not guarantee the ranking of a particular set of numbers of keywords for a certain amount of fee. Instead, we make your website Google SEO-friendly by following Google’s SEO guideline strictly. This makes your website easily accessible and legible by Google bots and improve its ranking naturally over time.


Google Adwords, also known as PPC (Pay-per-Click) Advertising, is under Search Engine Marketing (SEM)’s umbrella. As the name suggests,  you only have to pay for your ads when the viewer clicks on it. All of the experienced digital marketing associates from THEOLDCOMPANY are Google Adwords Certified Professional with the supports from a Google’s designated personnel.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design and Print is THEOLDCOMPANY’s forte. With a cumulative experience of more than 10 years in the industry, we know exactly how to prepare awesome final artwork that meets industry’s standard, be it for printing, web or mass distribution purposes. Our graphic designers are marketing literate which enables them to design something that ” speaks” to your potential client.

“The whole team followed through right from the start, providing excellent services in between (even small requests) in all aspects, exceeding expectation, even a great post project support.”


one of theoldcompany’s satisfied customers, Alvin Ewe (Business Owner, Fancy Delight Pte Ltd)