SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is like a puppeteer. Professional techniques and skills are required to put up a good and memorable show.


THEOLDCOMPANY is committed to providing top-notch Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services for both local as well as international companies. What differentiates us from the others is that we are the “white hat” in the industries. We practise ethical SEO which is able to stand the test of time and survives any algorithm penalty updates imposed by Google . To achieve substantial results, our SEO strategies are customized based on the industry that your business is in.

What we do for your SEO

  • Website analysis and optimization.
  • Competitor research.
  • Research and propose the right keywords.
  • Setup web analytics.
  • Website ranking monitoring and reporting.


It’s good to always have the expectations aligned before engaging SEO as it is a long term effort and commitment from both parties.

It’s common for a client to expect services that are good, fast and cheap. However, that’s close to impossible and client have to decide if you want your work done good and fast, good and cheap, or fast and cheap. In other words, you have to give up one of those three.

In theoldcompany, the solutions we render to you will be well planned and executed, without the use of any prohibited SEO techniques that will jeopardize your company’s website and online existence.


theoldcompany measures SEO result using the broad performance of search traffic across the website and its pages as a whole. Unlike others, we do not measure the result by keyword ranking that contributes little to zero traffic.


We will be aiming for at least 20 to 50 web page visits for your site, depending on the industry you’re in.  In the meantime, clients are advised to build more web pages and create quality backlinks with our support to increase the website’s discoverability.


Our intention is to focus on relevant and strategic keywords for overall higher traffic growth of the website, and not the ranking of a particular set of keywords.