Why AdWords must become a key part of your Marketing Strategy


14 Apr Why AdWords must become a key part of your Marketing Strategy

Why AdWords must become a key part of your Marketing Strategy

Let’s look at two alternative advertising approaches:

1. You pay a couple of dollars or less when someone clicks on your ad. This ‘someone’ has typed words into Google that match what you sell and has a good chance of buying from you.


2. You pay a thousand dollars or ten thousand dollars to place an advertisement in a newspaper or business magazine. Many thousands buy it; a few see your ad. Most who do see it ignore it, as it’s not relevant to them, or they are not ready to buy yet.

Spending even a thousand dollars for a small ad is a waste. Why?

Here are the two final nails in the coffin of mass media advertising:

  • It’s not interactive, so it takes more effort to get in touch with you. It’s just one click on Google.
  • Have you seen the research on how few young people readnewspapers? Who would want to be a publisher running around like a chook with its head cut off? It is dead—it just doesn’t know it yet!

So, let’s do the maths:

If the newspaper ad works really well, you’ll get fifty qualified leads, and let’s say it only cost a $1000 and you only ran it once (freakish results, you must write great ads!). It took a lot of effort to write the ad, it ran once and now the campaign is over.

On Google you might spend $100, or $200, and also generate fifty leads. You can keep testing and refining the ad campaign, reducing the costs. The leads keep flowing, day by day; it’s ongoing and the cost is a different order of magnitude.

Words of warning: First, don’t try and sell something really generic, like ‘consulting services’. Waste of time. Second, don’t hire an adwords company that has no copywriter in-house – half of the success is down to great copy that uses keywords in clever ways. Now, warning over…

It’s a No-brainer. So why haven’t AdWords become a Tsunami yet?

Well firstly, it kind of has; Google’s revenue from AdWords is now a ridiculous number of billions. And Pay-per-click has a long, long way to go yet.

Secondly, there are some powerful industries linked to the world of mass media advertising that are continuing to sell what they do in the traditional ways: publishers, TV networks, radio networks and, of course, traditional advertising agencies. These are big strong companies and they won’t vanish overnight.

But you and your business can ignore this battle; right now, Google AdWords are like ‘low hanging fruit’—ripe for the picking.

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