Why Is Responsive Web Design So Important For Your Business?

04 Nov Why Is Responsive Web Design So Important For Your Business?

Why is Responsive Web Design (RWD) so important for your business?

It is a simple answer. Accessibility. With the numbers to prove the increase of users stemming from smartphones and tablets, the need for businesses or anyone looking to reach an online audience, must have a responsive presence.

We have all been there, looking something up on the laptop, needing to run out the door, looking it up on your smartphone to complete the task, and then it happens! You can’t navigate the website on your smartphone, ugh. Why? The website you were trying to access is not responsive. Keyword: “were” what does that mean to you? Not much, you will move on to the next website that can give you what you need. What does that mean to business owners? You just lost a potential customer, lead, visitor, or opportunity for all of the above.

Responsive Web Design (RWD) is not just a trend put in place by trendsetters for 2013, as a gimmick. It is a necessary aspect for any viable online business looking to survive in the marketplace and retain its online presence for their audience, clients, or customers. Reach is a word becoming more and more important in today’s virtual world. Interviewers now ask, “what’s your reach?”, to understand a person or brand’s online relevance. Not just for 2013, but from now on, the way you reach your audience is more important, than the moment a business recognized, the need for a website. Now, that website must be designed to reach audiences across multiple devices.

Mobile Web Design; is not the answer. Responsive Web Design (RWD); is the answer.

Building a responsive presence is crucial to getting and staying, ahead of the curve. A uniform platform designed to reach and target your audience is what Responsive Presence is all about. Responsive Presence is not only interested in designing websites, to be accessible on all devices, but to help brands create an emotional experience that will help retain their audience and increase it, as well, for the long-term.

Source from Responsive Presence